Halloween Build Contest!!

NinaaBearr SR.MOD posted Oct 7, 18
Halloween Build Contest!
Hello everybody! We are happy to announce the launch of our Halloween Build Contest. This will be a nearly month long build contest where you can show off your halloween themed builds.
Event timing
Starts October 8th
Ends October 29th
This contest is solely for entertainment purposes and will not guarantee a Builder position on the Performium Network Build Team, but you may win some cool prizes!
There will be a submission link at the bottom of this thread. Be sure to fill out all the fields asked of you or we will not accept your submission.
We will contact the winners via the email you provide in the submission form. If you win and do not reply to your email within 7 days of the sent email, your placing as a winner will be invalidated and replaced with a runner-up.
Some of the prerequisites of the build are:
  • The build should be Halloween themed
  • The build MUST be on our Mega Creative server
  • Only accepting one submission per person. Additional submissions will result in disqualification.
  • No WorldEdit may be used for the builds in this contest. We will be able to determine if it was used.
  • The in game name in your submission must match with the name on the plot. If not, it will be disqualified.
  • The build must be entirely built by you. Assistance from other players will disqualify your submission.
  • Your creations must be entered through the Build Contest Submission Form
Winners and Prizes
The winners will be announced October 31st, 2018 on the contests forum.
Here are the prizes you could win if you place first, second, or third!
1st place prize
Redstone Rank
A customized prefix
2nd place prize
Lapis Rank
A customized prefix
3rd place prize
Iron Rank
A customized prefix
Submitting your build
You may fill out the following form to specify your IGN, contact info and the location of your build.
NOTE: If you already have one of the prefixes offered as prizes, or a higher tiered prefix, you will be given a free prefix upgrade! Bedrock players will receive more rewards that can be discussed if necessary.
Questions? Contact our Head Builder Rani on discord (Rani#1103)
Please visit this forum post for further discussion.
The Performium Staff Team
AwesomeCool3345 hey i got idea why not give 4th place /fly or a perk
Queensy502 HELPER Good luck to everyone who enters! I'll be rooting for each and every one of you!
V3gklutchxx HELPER Good luck to all who enter! I'll be cheering for ya!~ :)

MegaFactions - Winners

mtotho WEB-DEVSR.MODo posted Oct 4, 18
MegaFactions - Winners
Hello everybody! This is the end of the first month of the MegaFactions season. At the end of each of the month of the MegaFactions season, we will announce the top 3 factions.
Top Factions
We would like to congratulate the following factions for having the top 3 balances on MegaFactions!
  1. killas $14,711,263
  2. Defiance $14,029,810
  3. Assension $2,900,116
At the end of each month, the leader of the faction with the highest balance will be awarded with a prize of $250. The faction leader may distribute this prize to their faction members as they see fit.
Join Now!
The season is still ongoing. Join now for a chance to have the top faction balance at the end of this month! There are 2 more months in this season.
Questions? Contact our Stream Host NinaaBearr on discord (NinaaBearr#3630)
The Performium Staff Team
EtherealTrin I'm so glad to hear that Killa's won, I contributed my best to that faction. (Even if it wasn't all that ...

Stream Team - Map Idea Submissions

mtotho WEB-DEVSR.MODo posted Oct 4, 18
Map Idea Submissions
Hello everybody! Do you have a map that you think could be used in RGA's stream? We are looking for players to submit their map ideas here.
In particular, we are looking for Halloween themed maps.
Multiplayer and Singleplayer maps are welcome.
Submitting a map
To submit a map idea, simply fill out the Minecraft Maps for RGA Gaming form.
We thank you again for participating. We hope that your submission can be displayed in RGA's stream.
Questions? Contact our Stream Host NinaaBearr on discord (NinaaBearr#3630)
The Performium Staff Team
EpicU I'm creating a miniature mansion. it always snows on the building.
TomdraX WITCH ALCHEMY POTIONS THINGYS! :d I think a Witch-Based map would be awesome with all the potions and stuff .3.

Good at building? See below!

Performium is looking for 4 new talented hardworking builders to become a part of the team!

What we are looking for:

  -Must have been on the server at least 2 months

  -Must be at least 14 years old

  -Voxelsniper / Worldedit experience strongly preferred 

  -Great builds

Sound like you? Submit a builders app here--> 

Questions? Contact our Head Builder Rani on discord (Rani#1103)

FlaxenYapper287 Are these still open?
superpoopburger Wooo I'm excited about whatever they are building!
TomdraX owo sounds like you guys are prepping for somethin'? :d

Aquatic SMP - Update

NinaaBearr SR.MOD posted Sep 23, 18

Aquatic SMP Update

Our Aquatic SMP server is now Native 1.13.1!! 

Come stop by and become a part of our growing community!

FlaxenYapper287 The problem with upgrading the other servers EpicU is that plugins like the crates plugin don’t support 1.13.1 yet
Theblu3hooduguy Cannot join the server. When I try it said that I am already connected? any tips to fix that?
Fordham_Family Bedrock NinaaBearr, do you know if the ability to silk a spawner has been fixed yet?
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