MobWars - LAUNCH!!

NinaaBearr SR.MOD posted Sat at 14:10
Hello Performium Players!!

We are super excited to announce the launch of Mob Wars today at 5 P.M. EST! There is no server like it’s kind and has something for everyone to enjoy with lots of cool features combined to make one server.

So what can you expect?

The safe world is made of wool. You can go into the worlds through the portals to fight mobs and gather resources to build your own home in the safe zone with the golden claimshovel. (Keep Inventory is on in the wool world ONLY)

So how do claims work? Same as the other servers; use a Golden claimshovel to claim your land in the wool world. You will be able to accrue 3k claimblocks naturally. NOTE: The wool world is the ONLY world you will be able to claim in. The border for this world is 10k.

The resource worlds WILL be reset on a regular basis as their border is limited to 750. Claims are NOT enabled here.

*Fly is disabled in the Resource Worlds but IS enabled in the safe world.

Not ready to fight mobs yet? Don’t worry! We have 12 mines in spawn that you can rank up to and gather resources safely.

*PVE MCMMO - train and get stronger to fight the war against mobs You can also read our MCMMO Guide to learn more about it!
*Special Enchants - go into the Easy or Hard PVE World to kill mobs that drop gear with special enchants to craft YOUR perfect armor.
*Boss Mobs - Drop diamond gear with strong special enchants or even some big bucks!

Not sure what special enchants are? We have 3 NPC’s at spawn with some information, and you can type /ce to learn more about what each enchant does!

*Do you like to PVP? Don’t worry! We have something for you too! In spawn there is a giant Battle Zone for you to show off your skills and PVP against other players. But beware; keep inventory is off.

Can't wait to see you there!

The Performium Staff Team

Kratedog3_YT good job
SilentRoses Looks great :d
Goluckyone Yes! I can't wait! :DD

Opening of All New Creative Survival

MacTh3Mac aHEAD ADMINDEVELOPER posted Feb 8, 19
Hello Performium players!
I am pleased to announce the Opening of the ALL NEW Creative Survival Server!!
New Server Opens!
Tomorrow (Saturday 9th February) at 4 PM EST!  (9PM GMT)
Key Features
  • Creative Mode GamePlay!
  • World Border Overworld +/- 10,000
  • Random Teleport (/wild) in the overworld
  • Claims System with Golden Shovel!
  • Automatic Nature Restoral on unclaim!
  • Creative Hot-Bars Blocked to increase Server Security!
Frequently Asked Questions?
  • Can I change gamemodes?
    • Yes Absolutely, All players should be able to toggle between survival and creative mode.
  • Will the border be increased?
    • This depends on how busy the server becomes.  If the world becomes full then this is a possibility.
  • Will there be crates?
    • The only crates on this server will be Cosmetic Crates for great cosmetic rewards.  Of course any global cosmetics you have will be carried over.
  • Why dont my miniature pets work!
    • This server has Mob Spawning blocked and as such isnt compatible with Miniature Pets (sorry)
  • Why can't I build?
    • Building is only enabled within your own claim! Please claim before building!
  • How fast do I earn claim blocks!
    • You will start with 500 Claim Blocks and earn them at a rate of 100 per hour.  The maximum earned this way is 3000.
  • Can I get more claim blocks?
    • Yes absolutely!  FREE claim blocks can be obtained from the points store, earn points to spend here by watching RGA's streams, voting, or competing in events advertised on ClubRGA discord!
    • If you dont wish to earn FREE Claim blocks, they can also be purchased from the Server Store!
  • When do claims expire?
    • Any Unimproved claim made by a chest is automatically deleted after 7 days!
    • Any shovel created claim that is Unimproved is automatically deleted after 14 days!
    • Any claim that is improved (built upon) is protected for 60 days of inactivity.  
    • If you own a total Claim Block balance of at least 5000 then your claims will be protected for the life of this server!
  • I see that a claim is 17,000+ days old and by an unowned player what happened there?
    • We delete players data at 180 days of inactivity.  (this includes homes, inventories, enderchests etc.) at this point the server forgets the players name. As per the note above about expiry however the players claims are protected forever if they met the total claim blocks limits.  (note claim blocks do not expire and you will keep them for the life of the server)

Any additional Questions?  Please contact a member of Server Staff!

Happy Creating!

The Performium Staff Team
ALLEYHOOPARING so we cant get blocks and stuff from creative? if we need them?
Jon180018 DiamondGooseo
Jon180018 @ Hub2
Yes 1 hour and 25 minutes left (or something like that)
xXCamihminoXx Bedrock
xXCamihminoXx @ MobWars
Its the 9:th tomorrow :3

Sad Day for SMP1 and an Exciting New Launch!!!

MacTh3Mac aHEAD ADMINDEVELOPER posted Jan 19, 19
Hello Performium players!
It saddens my heart to announce the retirement of SMP1 Moist SMP. It will be retiring January 31st. This is one of our oldest servers!
However some good news is on the horizon.
New Server!
Tomorrow (Sunday 20th January) at 3PM EST Enchanted Survival Opens!
Key Features
  • Keep Inventory Enabled
  • World Border Overworld +/- 10,000
  • World Border End & Nether +/- 10,000
  • Max Level Enchants Available 100 Levels
  • Random Teleport (/wild) in the overworld
  • Chairs You Can Sit On!
  • Claims with Protection
  • PVP disabled in all worlds (except in PVP Zone)
  • PVP zone next to spawn! (Beware Inventory not protected here)
  • Combat Tag System for a Fair Fight!
  • Bounty Heads
  • Claims Enabled in The End & Nether!!
  • Envoy Events Run in PVP Zone
What will happen to my items?
If any player has special items they will be transfered to the New Server. These Special Items are limited to the below:
  • Custom Items from Stream Donations
  • Custom Items from Points Store
  • Custom Items (RGA Cakes etc.)
What wont be transferred
  • Claim blocks
  • Inventories
  • Balances
  • Builds / Items
  • Any items with custom attributes
Please submit item transfer requests here:
The world will be offered for download once the server is closed.
The Performium Staff Team
Kreistan GoldenGoose The server is now available at 110GB free space needed.
_Progamer8624_ im gonna miss Moist smp Moist was my favorite server
RyderForNow The Server is closed since 2 days and there's still no download???

Aquatic SMP - Update!

NinaaBearr SR.MOD posted Jan 2, 19

Hello Performium players!

We are pleased to let you know that the Aquatic server is now our of beta, and now in full release. As such we have adding in some new features:

- Crates. As with our other servers, all crates and crate keys are now live. With a few additions for 1.13:

- Spawners for 1.13 have been added (such as Drowned, Turtles and Tropical Fish)

- Enchantments in the enchantment crates have been updated to include 1.13 enchants

- Spawners are now mineable, you will require a Silk Touch pickaxe and a lifetime server prefix

- All mobs are now stackable (even fish and turtles)

Hope you enjoy the Aquatic server and the recent additions, and as always more to come!!

The Performium Staff Team

EnderBlitzGaming when are you going to allow players to sell 1.13 items to the server?
Kodythekilla thats awsome but when are we gonna get a 1.13 factions
Theim0rtalmeow did you mean out

Armies - Updates!

NinaaBearr SR.MOD posted Jan 2, 19

Good evening Ducks, geese and humans,

We are pleased to announce that with the reopening of Armies after maintenance earlier today, the End has been added!

Somewhere in the world is a hidden end portal, in order to get to the end you will need to track this (using Eye of Enders)

*Kit weekly also now comes with 2 blaze rods and 1 sand.

Happy Hunting

The Performium Staff Team

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