MegaCreative and Roleplay Downtime

Sooper_ aJR.ADMINWEB-MGR posted Fri at 20:29

Hello Performium Players!

Our Roleplay and MegaCreative servers are both going down for a bit of internal server maintenance for an indefinite amount of time. This is simply a notice, and our Health Page will be updated accordingly with each server's status. Thank you for your patience at this time.

And as always, more to come!

Zombie Apocalypse Release

MacTh3Mac ADMIN posted Jul 25, 18

Hello Performium Players!

We are delighted to announce our brand new upcoming Zombie Apocalypse Server Releases Today at 5PM EST! This new gamemode introduces hordes of the dead infesting the streets that must be fended off. There is only one sure safe area, and that is spawn. Survivors must find shelter, weapons, tools, and much more to merely surpass the devastation wreaked by these zombies throughout the worlds.

Come join us and stay clear of the walking dead!

_Progamer8624_ o Why didnt rga add this last year!

Siegecraft and SMP3

Steda1985 aSR.ADMIN posted Jul 23, 18

Tomorrow will mark the fianl hours of SMP3 and siegecraft. Smp3 has had a good run but its time for it to go.

Siegecraft had a good run as well but wasnt popular enough so tomorrow we will be taking them down

LadyCMLJ Rest in piece SMP3, I barely knew ye, but I did like you and i was able to finish my build before you were gone. If any...
Dexsis86 originally some admins(?) told us yes there would be a world download and some one was ready to host it. but apparently ...
SilverCosmos HELPER *sniff* I'm gonna miss my apartment. :d (Much thanks to those of you who contributed the quartz and other suppli...

MegaSMP / Armies / SMP1 Announcement!

Sooper_ aJR.ADMINWEB-MGR posted Jul 22, 18

Hello Performium Players!

Apologies for the numerous miniature announcements. Lots of changes are coming to our network which entails the most important thing; informing you guys!

With the MegaSMP re-launch comes the addition of /fly now enabled around that server. 

As for Armies, we are launching the Official Armies 2K18 Server in 1 hour and 40 minutes exactly. This will be 4 P.M. PST time. If you'd like more information about this server, reference the article linked below.

SMP1's re-opening includes a full reset of the End and Nether worlds, as well as improved server performance! The new End and Nether world borders are now 5,000.

As always, more to come!

Dexsis86 the lag on smp1.. omg....

Skyblocks Retirement

Steda1985 aSR.ADMIN posted Jul 20, 18

With heavy hearts we are announcing that the original skyblock will be retiring Tomorrow July 21st at 1PM PST

At the same time we will be launching Skyblock2K18 

Ginaaaaaa @ Armies 2K18
Can’t wait to hop on the next server as soon as I get off my trip. Will be a few days late, but I’m anxious ...
Oggie1984 @ SkyBlock 2K18
Good to see we have a date and time now. We all knew the end was coming, its been a good run. tomorrow 3pm it is!
xXBLITZxKRIEGXx Bedrock RIP Skyblock. It was such a great server but it was time. I Can't wait to see the server and our Skyblock family ag...
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