New Performium Help Hub!

Sooper_ a posted Mar 18, 18

Hello Performium Players,

We have recently created a "Help Hub" page that places all the support resources you may need in one place on the website. This can be found at , or by clicking the "Help" tab on the top menu bar of the website. What will the Help Hub do exaclty? 

List redirect options for applications, rules, appeals, the FAQ, Support Tickets, and reports

- Provide "Open" or "Closed" statuses for Staff and Builder Applications

- Give information about each resource

- Place all helpful pages in one single page!

With this, we have also made the "Vote" tab its own tab, as well as the "Staff List" tab. These both provide their respective information and are more visible to ease site navigation. We would like to note we do have further plans for this page's development and hope you are just as excited as we are for the release of future, helpful resources. If you have any further suggestions for future website developments or additions, please create a thread here.

A very big thank you to one of our Moderators, mtotho, for making this idea possible!

And as always, more to come!


Steda1985 aSR.ADMIN posted Mar 18, 18

Hello Everyone,

We will be closing down staff apps for now until we have more players on the server. We will go through the current applications as normal so if you have one in and don't ger a rejection notice your application is still in consideration for when we do start hiring again.

Thank you for all your patience. And we look forward to having some of you join us.

More to come

mincraft_ When can i apply?
SuperNinjaPedro1 How long do you think it will take for the apps to be up again? was was about to apply again...
BlondeTrack When will you be hiring again? Like you know for staff, because I was considering applying.

Hello Performium Players,

After very careful review and extensive conversation, we have made the decision to fully reset our Factions 1 server. A full server reset will result in the following:

- Complete world(s) reset

- New world seed

- Inventories, PVs, and enderchests completely wiped

- All factions disbanded and Faction info deleted

- All /homes deleted

- Brand new spawn

As of right now we have no scheduled opening date for the server. However, we will be sure to announce that release date as soon as we have decided upon one. We will publish an informational thread under the Factions 1 subforum if we find necessary to explain any fixes, changes, or just to give a general rundown of things to look for in the new server. Please be sure to check here, the homepage, for more information on the reset as well once the information is released.

The Factions 1 reset will not remove ranks, prefixes, or any other items purchased through our Server Store. We really do appreciate everyone's patience through this rigorous process, and ask that our community understands we generally reset our Factions servers every 6-10 months. We do this for the betterment of our regular Factions players, as well as new players coming to Performium for a fun, fair Factions experience. 

Thank you, and as always, more to come!

Queen_Asuna I get op armor from rga will I get a new op armor aging I get it from donate on rga live stream
ryanhill_7 Excited for this!
MineCrafter34345 Why for that server I had god inventory and my base all gone it took 3.5 million to get it all done wow. Good job.

Armies Launch

Steda1985 aSR.ADMIN posted Mar 9, 18

Alright everyone. IT'S TIME!

Before you go hopping in and sieging everyone to your hearts content, ALL blocks are vulnerable to explosions. So essentially under the conditions needed to start a siege, once a siege starts your claim is completely vulnerable including chests. The defender still can't pick up drops or anything so make sure your always prepared to fight. The attacker can on the other hand pick up items and attack you in the claim.

Enjoy and happy raiding!

Hello Performium Players,

We have decided to officially reset our Armies server. Here's some quick things to know about the reset server reopening:

- This is a full server reset. This means any /homes, builds, inventories, enderchests, etc. are all reset. The server will be brand new.

- The world border will be 10,000.

- Any regions not visited for 60 days will be deleted.

- The End and Nether will be accessible.

- There will be /ah and a shop that is accessible to all players.

- The world will still be superflat, however, resources will generate naturally underground instead of the world being all dirt.

Armies will also have a new function as a server entirely. We have decided to add claims to Armies. These will function identical to SMP1, however, there will be a feature added that would allow raiding bases with claims enabled, available through the /siege command. 

If you'd like to read much more about these updates and changes, refer to egg's thread here

Thank you so much everyone, we really hope you enjoy these changes and strongly encourage feedback about the new reset. 

And as always, more to come!

Ninjaexry I really don't like the fact that the Sieger may break blocks since my public grinder with an npc is easily stolen,...
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