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New Roleplay Server!

rgaminecraft aOWNER posted Feb 10, 17

We are puting the finishing touches on our new Minecraft roleplay server! We will be giving out a lot more information on it soon, but leave a comment with what plugins/mods you'd like to see on it! We already have a couple pretty cool ones, but would love to hear what you have to think!

phantomcasper i kow this is an old thread but maybe you can use mcmmo for the roleplay server since it does have different skills to l...
Mercenartank15 It's a great idea
DangerDude152356 on skywars in the lobby if you fall off you get kicked and the reason is fly hacking

Over the past week we have made tons of changes and updates! New servers (including OP skyblock), new staff members, new plugins, and most importantly server voting! Up until recently voting was installed but was not working. We were able to finally figure out the issues with it and got it all setup and running! Every vote will give you points, with stacking bonuses as well as random chances at winning 1,000 points! I will create a forum topic to discuss other possible rewards per specific servers!

We have also received TONS of staff applications, which is great! We are always looking for new staff members to help with the ever increasing demand put on our server! Your guys suggestions and ideas have helped shape the server so far, and we hope that you keep them coming!

iVortexx_ There was someone who banned me for no reason and im so mad because i just started the server and im a decent pvper
GamingWithNicky So.. please help me
GamingWithNicky Hey, umm, i wanna apply for Moderator But it says this: Access Denied You do not have access to view this page.

New Performium Website!

rgaminecraft aOWNER posted Jan 10, 17

Many of you might have noticed that something is.... different? Maybe you can't quite put your finger on it.

I know what it is! It's the new website, and you're on it! Welcome to the brand new performium website! We added a lot of new features, including forums that work WAY better! We will have a lot of other new and fun changes coming soon!

DanteWS how do I apply for staff?
Clown3d How to Staff applycation I want to apply JrMod
TheCraftingMango Yeah I don't know how to studmit it it a staff application
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