Classic Faction Reset

mtotho @ Hub1
posted Nov 2, 18
Classic Faction Reset
Hello everyone. As many of you have noticed, you are currently not able to join Classic Factions. The team has made the tough decision to reset this server. This choice was made to give everyone a fresh start!
When is it reopening?
The server is scheduled to reopen at 9 PM GMT (5 PM East Coast / 2 PM West). Time Zone Chart
What's new
Classic Factions will be reset to a fresh state. The primary difference is The End will now have a bedrock floor.
We hope you all enjoy.
The Performium Staff Team
TheSorrows I don't get it. Factions are supposed to have seasons and be reset on a regular basis. I've never been on or r...
PhoenixCrusher4 This is terrible as I spent so much time on this server and restarting it maybe give more raiding opportunities but ther...
mtotho @ Hub1
Hi Fenu3 and scymoc. We appreciate you sharing your concerns. We promise we are not actively going out and seeking serve...

Halloween Build Contest Winners!

mtotho @ Hub1
posted Oct 31, 18
Halloween Build Contest Winners!
Hello everybody! We are very excited to announce the winner of this year's Halloween Build Contest!
We appreciate everyone who has participated this year. There were just about 80 submissions to go through this year! It was tough to choose the top 3 winners but everyone did a great job.
1st Place
Congratulations to our first place winner! iBlueToxic!
2nd Place
Congratulations to our runner up Cortimusprime!
3rd Place
Congratulations Whitecat18!
Winners will be contacted via email. If they don't respond within 7 days then the runner up will take the reward
Questions? Contact our Head Builder Rani on discord (Rani#1103)
The Performium Staff Team
Jbean10 Good job to everyone!
HeroicHero21 My build wasn’t in here. I am sad, lots of late nights. But oh well. Congrats.

Halloween Kit!

mtotho @ Hub1
posted Oct 28, 18
Halloween Kit!
Hello friends! Looking for free stuff?! We are excited to share that starting now and until the end of the month you will be able to obtain a free /kit!
What's in it?
This kit will contain a variety of treats with sweet enchants!
How to get it
In order to get access to the kit, please visit the Server Store
This kit is absolutely free and you will not need to fill out any of the billing details.
Once you see the in-game announcement that you have received the kit, you can use it by typing:
/kit oct18
Enjoy the treats and have fun!
The Performium Staff Team
DallyDragon Has the kit been removed? I can't find it anywhere.
bigB127 Did the kit get taken down? I'm getting a 404
XO_Zurick_OX I'm with GodGecko what is the purpose of the Halloween kit and how do you use the items in it?

Mega Factions Retirement

mtotho @ Hub1
posted Oct 26, 18
Mega Factions Retirement
Hello everyone. The Performium Network is sad to announce the retirement of the Mega Factions server.
When / Why
Effective immediately, the Mega Factions server will no longer be online and the season will now end. No further winners will be announced.
Mega Factions was an experiment to encourage a higher player count on the server. Unfortunately, we have had to make the tough decision to end this experiment due to the lack of active players on the server.
What's next
The development and staff team are always innovating and trying new ideas. Don't think we will just take away this server without plans for something new. Stay tuned for future updates!
The Performium Staff Team
Raleith accually mods are fun and easy to do i even have a pack already put together if the performium team wants to implement i...
bdugg Do a Modded SMP!!

Performium's first ever Trick or Treat Event!!

mtotho @ Hub1
posted Oct 20, 18
Performium's first ever Trick or Treat Event!!
Hello Performium players!
We are excited to announce that will be hosting the server's first ever live streamed trick or treat event! RGA is going to be hosting the event. Additionally, we will be having a costume contest.. So wear your spookiest skin!
When is it?
The event is upon us.. It starts:
Sunday, October 21st at about 1 PM PST
How it will work
On each Performium Network server, you will find small, hand crafted haunted houses. At each haunted house, there will be a be a friendly Performium staff member stationed, waiting to greet you. We invite all players to hop around the server with RGA, find each haunted house and say hello.
You will have a chance to receive exciting treats at each of the haunted houses... Or perhaps you will be tricked instead!
Halloween costume contest
In parallel with the trick or treat event, we will also be having a Halloween themed costume contest. RGA himself will be judging if your costume meets the spook test!
Stay spooky, The Performium Staff Team
mtotho @ Hub1
Just a reminder, you may still visit the haunted house/pumpkin and redeem your /kit (type /kit to see the name) until th...
Neko_Artist101 @ MegaSMP
well i missed it ;-;
GoodOldGaming that looks awesome
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