Introducing Passive Points and Streak updates

By mtotho aJR.ADMINWEB-DEVo - Posted Mar 2, 19
Hello Again!
This is the second part of today's announcement update. We are happy to welcome the return of passively gaining points overtime simply by being logged into the server!
Passive Points - How it works
  • You will receive 10 points per hour playing on a non hub server.
  • You will receive a reduced rate per hour while on hub.
Streak updates
We hope everyone is building up their streaks! We have introduced a new command to help you track your streaks.
/streak and /streak top
Please Link!
In order to fully enjoy any of these new rewards, you should link your minecraft character with enjin. For more information, please refer to this guide Linking Minecraft Account
We appreciate all the support we have been given so far. We hope you enjoy the new updates!
The Performium Staff Team
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