Introducing Daily Streaks .... and more to come.

By MacTh3Mac aHEAD ADMINDEVELOPERo - Posted Mar 2, 19
Hello Performium players!
Today is the 1st part of a 2 part announcement. We are please today to begin the 1st stage of our giving back to the player base projects.  (btw If you like this you will LOVE!!!  the next part!)  But no spoilers............  so on to todays exciting announcement!
Daily Play Streaks!
Effective Immediatly, we will begin rewarding players for playing every day.  These rewards get bigger over time.
Key Features
  • Points rewarded for playing every day
  • Larger prizes for longer streaks
  • New leaderboards will be added to the hubs (soon) to show who is in the top 10 for longest streaks.
How Will I know how long my streak is?
  • A Broadcast will be made when you achieve milestones.
  • Heart effects will spawn around you.
  • An awesome sound will be played when you reach the achievement.
  • (Coming Soon A command will be added to show your streak length and leaderboard)
Frequently Asked Questions.
When do streaks reset?
Each day at midnight UTC (GMT) 
Ho do I achieve an extra days streak?
Simply log-on each day (a day being calculated in UTC timezone above)
Can I catch back a missed day?
Sorry no, you cannot catch back a missed day.
Why didnt my streak count I played all day (was afk)
We record the "Logged On" portion from your actual login event.  So loging into the server fresh.  
What prizes can I recieve?
All prizes are "Performium Points"  which are awarded at larger and larger levels as the streaks get longer.
More information will be released on the 2nd Phase of our Player Appreciation Initiative within the next week, stay tuned......
The Performium Staff Team
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