MobWars - LAUNCH!!

By NinaaBearr SR.MOD - Posted Feb 16, 19
Hello Performium Players!!

We are super excited to announce the launch of Mob Wars today at 5 P.M. EST! There is no server like it’s kind and has something for everyone to enjoy with lots of cool features combined to make one server.

So what can you expect?

The safe world is made of wool. You can go into the worlds through the portals to fight mobs and gather resources to build your own home in the safe zone with the golden claimshovel. (Keep Inventory is on in the wool world ONLY)

So how do claims work? Same as the other servers; use a Golden claimshovel to claim your land in the wool world. You will be able to accrue 3k claimblocks naturally. NOTE: The wool world is the ONLY world you will be able to claim in. The border for this world is 10k.

The resource worlds WILL be reset on a regular basis as their border is limited to 750. Claims are NOT enabled here.

*Fly is disabled in the Resource Worlds but IS enabled in the safe world.

Not ready to fight mobs yet? Don’t worry! We have 12 mines in spawn that you can rank up to and gather resources safely.

*PVE MCMMO - train and get stronger to fight the war against mobs You can also read our MCMMO Guide to learn more about it!
*Special Enchants - go into the Easy or Hard PVE World to kill mobs that drop gear with special enchants to craft YOUR perfect armor.
*Boss Mobs - Drop diamond gear with strong special enchants or even some big bucks!

Not sure what special enchants are? We have 3 NPC’s at spawn with some information, and you can type /ce to learn more about what each enchant does!

*Do you like to PVP? Don’t worry! We have something for you too! In spawn there is a giant Battle Zone for you to show off your skills and PVP against other players. But beware; keep inventory is off.

Can't wait to see you there!

The Performium Staff Team

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