Opening of All New Creative Survival

By MacTh3Mac aHEAD ADMINDEVELOPER - Posted Feb 8, 19
Hello Performium players!
I am pleased to announce the Opening of the ALL NEW Creative Survival Server!!
New Server Opens!
Tomorrow (Saturday 9th February) at 4 PM EST!  (9PM GMT)
Key Features
  • Creative Mode GamePlay!
  • World Border Overworld +/- 10,000
  • Random Teleport (/wild) in the overworld
  • Claims System with Golden Shovel!
  • Automatic Nature Restoral on unclaim!
  • Creative Hot-Bars Blocked to increase Server Security!
Frequently Asked Questions?
  • Can I change gamemodes?
    • Yes Absolutely, All players should be able to toggle between survival and creative mode.
  • Will the border be increased?
    • This depends on how busy the server becomes.  If the world becomes full then this is a possibility.
  • Will there be crates?
    • The only crates on this server will be Cosmetic Crates for great cosmetic rewards.  Of course any global cosmetics you have will be carried over.
  • Why dont my miniature pets work!
    • This server has Mob Spawning blocked and as such isnt compatible with Miniature Pets (sorry)
  • Why can't I build?
    • Building is only enabled within your own claim! Please claim before building!
  • How fast do I earn claim blocks!
    • You will start with 500 Claim Blocks and earn them at a rate of 100 per hour.  The maximum earned this way is 3000.
  • Can I get more claim blocks?
    • Yes absolutely!  FREE claim blocks can be obtained from the points store, earn points to spend here by watching RGA's streams, voting, or competing in events advertised on ClubRGA discord!
    • If you dont wish to earn FREE Claim blocks, they can also be purchased from the Server Store!
  • When do claims expire?
    • Any Unimproved claim made by a chest is automatically deleted after 7 days!
    • Any shovel created claim that is Unimproved is automatically deleted after 14 days!
    • Any claim that is improved (built upon) is protected for 60 days of inactivity.  
    • If you own a total Claim Block balance of at least 5000 then your claims will be protected for the life of this server!
  • I see that a claim is 17,000+ days old and by an unowned player what happened there?
    • We delete players data at 180 days of inactivity.  (this includes homes, inventories, enderchests etc.) at this point the server forgets the players name. As per the note above about expiry however the players claims are protected forever if they met the total claim blocks limits.  (note claim blocks do not expire and you will keep them for the life of the server)

Any additional Questions?  Please contact a member of Server Staff!

Happy Creating!

The Performium Staff Team
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