Sad Day for SMP1 and an Exciting New Launch!!!

By MacTh3Mac aHEAD ADMINDEVELOPER - Posted Jan 19, 19
Hello Performium players!
It saddens my heart to announce the retirement of SMP1 Moist SMP. It will be retiring January 31st. This is one of our oldest servers!
However some good news is on the horizon.
New Server!
Tomorrow (Sunday 20th January) at 3PM EST Enchanted Survival Opens!
Key Features
  • Keep Inventory Enabled
  • World Border Overworld +/- 10,000
  • World Border End & Nether +/- 10,000
  • Max Level Enchants Available 100 Levels
  • Random Teleport (/wild) in the overworld
  • Chairs You Can Sit On!
  • Claims with Protection
  • PVP disabled in all worlds (except in PVP Zone)
  • PVP zone next to spawn! (Beware Inventory not protected here)
  • Combat Tag System for a Fair Fight!
  • Bounty Heads
  • Claims Enabled in The End & Nether!!
  • Envoy Events Run in PVP Zone
What will happen to my items?
If any player has special items they will be transfered to the New Server. These Special Items are limited to the below:
  • Custom Items from Stream Donations
  • Custom Items from Points Store
  • Custom Items (RGA Cakes etc.)
What wont be transferred
  • Claim blocks
  • Inventories
  • Balances
  • Builds / Items
  • Any items with custom attributes
Please submit item transfer requests here:
The world will be offered for download once the server is closed.
The Performium Staff Team
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