Aquatic SMP - Update!

By NinaaBearr SR.MOD - Posted Jan 2, 19

Hello Performium players!

We are pleased to let you know that the Aquatic server is now our of beta, and now in full release. As such we have adding in some new features:

- Crates. As with our other servers, all crates and crate keys are now live. With a few additions for 1.13:

- Spawners for 1.13 have been added (such as Drowned, Turtles and Tropical Fish)

- Enchantments in the enchantment crates have been updated to include 1.13 enchants

- Spawners are now mineable, you will require a Silk Touch pickaxe and a lifetime server prefix

- All mobs are now stackable (even fish and turtles)

Hope you enjoy the Aquatic server and the recent additions, and as always more to come!!

The Performium Staff Team

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