MegaFactions - Winners

By mtotho aJR.ADMINWEB-DEVo - Posted Oct 4, 18
MegaFactions - Winners
Hello everybody! This is the end of the first month of the MegaFactions season. At the end of each of the month of the MegaFactions season, we will announce the top 3 factions.
Top Factions
We would like to congratulate the following factions for having the top 3 balances on MegaFactions!
  1. killas $14,711,263
  2. Defiance $14,029,810
  3. Assension $2,900,116
At the end of each month, the leader of the faction with the highest balance will be awarded with a prize of $250. The faction leader may distribute this prize to their faction members as they see fit.
Join Now!
The season is still ongoing. Join now for a chance to have the top faction balance at the end of this month! There are 2 more months in this season.
Questions? Contact our Stream Host NinaaBearr on discord (NinaaBearr#3630)
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