Performium OP Skyblock - Retirement

By NinaaBearr SR.MODo - Posted Sep 5, 18
The Performium Team is sad to announce the upcoming retirement of OP Skyblock on Saturday, September 8th 2018 12 P.M. PST

The server has been around for a long time and has served both the staff and players well.

Due to the age of this server, our Development team has found that it needed increased repairs. Although they have done their best to keep the server as stable as possible, unfortunately, there came a time where the server is now beyond repairs. While our Development team has used their best efforts to keep the server running, we feel that this no longer provides the experience that we want our players to have.
As mentioned in a previous post, we now have the release of Mega OP Skyblock; this server has the same feel as OP Skyblock with many great additions. Please be sure to check out the full release information here .

We are aware that some players do have donation items from OP Skyblock, as such we are offering to have these transferred to the new Mega OP Skyblock for you. If you wish to have an OP item transferred that was obtained from a donation on one of RGA or Doni's live streams, please contact me (NinaaBearr#3630) or SilentRoses (SilentRoses#4196) on discord. If you do not have discord, you can find a staff member on the server or direct message us through the website.

Hope to see you all on the new Mega OP Skyblock,

The Performium Staff Team

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