The Performium Team is pleased to announce that we have completed our move to a new data center with better hardware and new infrastructure. We really appreciate our veteran players for sticking with us through this time of improvement.

Below you will find all the big and exciting changes that have been added to our network over the last few months.

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What’s New?!

  • Mega Factions (FULL-Launch) - We've created a seasonal, competitive Factions server where only the mightiest Factions will prevail! MASSIVE!!! Cash prizes included!
  • Mega OP Skyblock - A brand new OP Skyblock server with the newest and best features carried over from our Old OP Skyblock Server.
  • Aquatic SMP (Alpha) - Our brand new SMP running the latest version of Minecraft (1.13).
  • Mega SMP - The return of Mega SMP has the server back and running better than ever!
  • Skyblock 2K18 - Our fresh return of Classic Skyblock.
  • Zombie Apocalypse - A survival, PVP-based game with zombie hordes to fend off!
  • Armies - The return of our classic Armies server challenges
  • Hub - New retro feel, and many of our oldest players may remember the design! Can you beat Steda’s maze and discover the hidden easter egg?

PAQ8DxE.png jmter9t.png

Our new internal updates include:

A new real-time lag prevention and monitoring system to work more efficiently than ever.

  • Lag-free servers and enhanced gameplay on all new releases!
  • Optimizations and lag reduction on most existing servers.
  • 1.13 and 1.13.1 supported on release date.
  • Server overhauls for some of our existing servers.

New Minigames!
As you may have noticed as well, our Minigames Hub is under construction to bring you a brand new selection of Minigames! Our team is working hard not only to revitalize old favourites such as TNT run, but to bring you a brand new selection of minigames. Stay tuned to our homepage for more information.

Points Update
Additionally, we are pleased to announce the much anticipated return of our points system, and a dedicated points store. You may earn points from playing, voting and most importantly, league positions in our minigame series! (Coming soon!)

We look forward to seeing you in-game at! Feel free to visit the website at for live updates, or drop by the official Discord at to meet new friends and the Performium Staff Team!

We genuinely hope that our entire community is excited for these incredible new features, and greatly appreciate the community’s patience, understanding, and cooperation through these updates.


The Performium Staff Team


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