Mega OP SkyBlock - Launch

By MacTh3Mac aHEAD ADMINDEVELOPERo - Posted Aug 24, 18

Hi Performium Players!

I am delighted to announce that RGA has authorised us to buy all new Servers to host this special addition to our line up.

Today we launch Mega OPSB.   A SkyBlock experience like no other.  

  • Cobble Generators that give Diamonds, Emeralds, Redstone, Lapis, Iron and Coal
  • In Game /warp Shop
  • In Game /warp Grinder
  • All Islands in Same world as Spawn (why not go visiting)
  • Pistons enabled outside IS ranges to allow bridge building
  • TNT Enabled
  • Natural Mob Spawns
  • OP Enchants Available (Up to Fortune 100)
  • IS TOP Calculated on nearly all block types
  • Fully customizable /is settings menu for you to decide how your island works
  • Mob Stacking
  • Player Vaults /pv 
  • Players chest shops
  • is warps
  • /ah  fully categorized
  • Silk Touch for Spawners (ranked only)
  • All New Performium Crates with Summer Sets Inside!

As always More to come soon!

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