Mega Factions - Seasonal Factions Servers! - Launch

By MacTh3Mac aHEAD ADMINDEVELOPER - Posted Aug 23, 18

Hello Performium Players!

I am delighted to announce the launch of Mega Factions This Weekend!

The Server will be opened in a Beta Stage to iron out any Bugs and we welcome the players to actively try to find bugs and glitches!!

All reports of glitches will be actively rewarded in-game after the beta period ends. Please report these in the sub-forum dedicated to beta bugs!  

This beta stage will be for the month of August, whereafter the Server will be reset and opened for the 1st Quarterly Mega Factions FTOP championships! Opening Date Confirmed September 1st!

The Quarterly champions will be announced following each season, and a CASH prize will be awarded to the top Faction! Season 1 Ends November 30th. *Performium Staff and their families are prohibited from qualifying for the prize

Amazing Features

  • Latest 1.12.2 server versions.
  • A return of the Legacy Factions 1 Spawn
  • -10K to +10K OverWorld Border!
  • -5K to +5K End Border!  with a Bedrock Floor
  • -5K to +5K Nether Border
  • All worlds have full creeper eggs enabled.
  • Generation Buckets available from Envoy Crates
  • Legacy Performium Enchant system with 3 Book Types!!
  • All Enchants can be cross enchanted (welcome back the old ways)
  • Exciting crate types, including Vote, Supply, Enchanting, Spawner, Cosmetic, Commands and Mega Crates.
  • Fully Virtual Key System (no more stolen or lost keys) Check your stock in /crates
  • Bounty Hunter System with in-game GUI, collect heads and levels!
  • /ftop and /ftopgui commands – Who is really the best Faction???? Now we can tell!
  • 100,000 Limit on stack mobs – so you can get those grinding parties really rocking!
  • Chests are raidable inside Claimed Land
  • Player power can go from +10 to -10.  Spawn Killing is now really Worth IT!
  • Creeper Explosions Break Obsidian!!
  • Cash Prize of $750 Per Season Paid Monthly! ($250 per month) for the Faction at FTOP 1.  

Launch Time to be announced 1 day pre-Launch!

Ok now’s the time to Get on – Get claiming – Get raiding and Get fighting!! Who will be the TOP FACTION?


Note:  Opening Date Moved Forward due to no issues being found in Beta

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