The Return of Armies and SB2K18!

By Sooper_ Bedrock - Posted Jul 10, 18

Hello Performium Players!

We are very pleased to announce the official comeback of the Armies Server! By popular demand, we have decided to re-create Armies in a brand new world with a different taste of the Armies you all have come to know.

What is Armies? Armies is a multiplayer PVP-based superflat survival world. The sole abundant resource in Armies is... dirt! Armies challenges the most resourceful survivors on the server to use what they have, whilst finding the perfect spot in a barren dirt world to construct their base. There are no claims. The only rule Armies has is to survive.

Here are some features in the upcoming server,

This server will have no plugins.

The worldborder will be roughly 15,000.

The nether worldborder will be roughly 2,500. 

There will be no crates or kits.

The server is expected to release this month. (July 2018)

For our veteran Armies players, we understand this server is not particularly the same. Please understand this is the Armies server we have desired and aimed for from the start, and hope to see a return of the veteran community. 

In other news, we are unfortunately obliged to announce the retirement of Siegecraft. We're sad to see it go, but we hope this server has provided a fun and challenging experience to those who played during its uptime.

This announcement may also serve as a reminder of our upcoming Skyblock 2018 server! This does entail the retirement of our current Skyblock Server (not OP Skyblock).

Here are some details regarding the new Skyblock Server,

No items can be sold to the server (/sell hand).

Only fresh materials will come from crates and killing mobs.

No kits except a super meager offering by rank.

No ores in cobble generators will be present.

All new Auction House (/ah) to facilitate trading (categorized).

Hoppers will be available in Daily Crates.

Wild mob and animal spawns will be enabled.

/trade will be enabled.

Island level counts most block types, not just ores. This is to allow leveling to be easier.

The only IGC (In-Game Cash) injected into the game is from Vote Crates to keep prices low.

Team up and trade with other players with coops and teams!

We hope you are as excited as we are for these new upcoming servers!

And as always, more to come!

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