Points Store Launch

By MacTh3Mac aHEAD ADMINDEVELOPER - Posted Jun 10, 18

Hello Performium Players!

We are pleased to announce that the Performium Network returns with a brand new functional /points system!

To qualify for the points program, you must be a registered user on our website. You may register at following these steps. You must also have a Minecraft character linked and verified on your account. Those instructions can be found here.

You may check your balance in game by simply typing /enjin points, or you may see the balance on our homepage in the side window on most of the main pages.

We've introduced some new ways to earn points as well. Voting and the exchange of Cosmetic Crate Keys will be the primary method of earning more points. Those details are as follows:

Voting: Voting daily gives you the opportunity to earn five points.

Cosmetic Crate Keys: There are two methods you may utilize your Cosmetic Crate Keys. These keys function just as any other Crate Keys we offer, so you may redeem this key for a Cosmetic perk in return. If you do not wish to do so, these keys may be exchanged for a total of 25,000 points each. This will in turn add to your progress of redeeming your points for an item of your choosing in our Points Store.

If you wish to redeem your points, or simply browse the Points Store, you can do so by entering the /points command in-game, or visit for a display of all the available items. We hope you are just as excited as we are for the return of points, and will be looking forward to seeing some awesome cosmetic features purchased with points around the server. Enjoy!

As always, more to come!

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