Mega SMP - Temporary Outage

MacTh3Mac @ Factions
- Posted Jun 5, 18

Hi Performium Players,

As you may have noticed Mega SMP has dissapeared.  Fear not. This isnt a permanent loss or a reset.

The dev team are currently carrying out the following maintenance to make Mega SMP the fantastic server it always has been.

  • Removing non Vanila Plugins (things that spoiled the Mega Experience)
  • Repairing Chat Issues
  • Replacing Death Chests with protected drops.
  • Enabling a player to player trading economy
  • Searching for and removing Duped items
  • Updating to the latest versions for better stability.

Ultimately it is our goal to make this server as "Vanilla" as possible.

Your claims and builds will be unaffected.

We expect this outage to be less than 3 weeks.


Mac & Egg

Maintenance has been extended indefinitely. More information soon to come. Thank you so much for your cooperation.   - Development Team

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