New Performium Help Hub!

By Sooper_ aWEB-MGRSR.MODo - Posted Mar 18, 18

Hello Performium Players,

We have recently created a "Help Hub" page that places all the support resources you may need in one place on the website. This can be found at , or by clicking the "Help" tab on the top menu bar of the website. What will the Help Hub do exaclty? 

List redirect options for applications, rules, appeals, the FAQ, Support Tickets, and reports

- Provide "Open" or "Closed" statuses for Staff and Builder Applications

- Give information about each resource

- Place all helpful pages in one single page!

With this, we have also made the "Vote" tab its own tab, as well as the "Staff List" tab. These both provide their respective information and are more visible to ease site navigation. We would like to note we do have further plans for this page's development and hope you are just as excited as we are for the release of future, helpful resources. If you have any further suggestions for future website developments or additions, please create a thread here.

A very big thank you to one of our Moderators, mtotho, for making this idea possible!

And as always, more to come!

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