Factions 1 FULL - Server Reset!

By Sooper_ aWEB-MGRSR.MODo - Posted Mar 17, 18

Hello Performium Players,

After very careful review and extensive conversation, we have made the decision to fully reset our Factions 1 server. A full server reset will result in the following:

- Complete world(s) reset

- New world seed

- Inventories, PVs, and enderchests completely wiped

- All factions disbanded and Faction info deleted

- All /homes deleted

- Brand new spawn

As of right now we have no scheduled opening date for the server. However, we will be sure to announce that release date as soon as we have decided upon one. We will publish an informational thread under the Factions 1 subforum if we find necessary to explain any fixes, changes, or just to give a general rundown of things to look for in the new server. Please be sure to check here, the homepage, for more information on the reset as well once the information is released.

The Factions 1 reset will not remove ranks, prefixes, or any other items purchased through our Server Store. We really do appreciate everyone's patience through this rigorous process, and ask that our community understands we generally reset our Factions servers every 6-10 months. We do this for the betterment of our regular Factions players, as well as new players coming to Performium for a fun, fair Factions experience. 

Thank you, and as always, more to come!

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