Armies Launch

By steda1985 aSR.ADMIN - Posted Mar 9, 18

Alright everyone. IT'S TIME!

Before you go hopping in and sieging everyone to your hearts content, ALL blocks are vulnerable to explosions. So essentially under the conditions needed to start a siege, once a siege starts your claim is completely vulnerable including chests. The defender still can't pick up drops or anything so make sure your always prepared to fight. The attacker can on the other hand pick up items and attack you in the claim.

Enjoy and happy raiding!

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NewtifyMeh Hi, my name is NewtifyMeh and I was banned for no reason. I was AFKing overnight and when I got on my computer at around 7:40 A.M. I tried logging into Factions because I was kicked for some reason. When I tried joining it took me to the Hacker Jail. I got confused so I looked at the reasons on why I was banned. It said I was banned for Combat Flying and Kill Aura. I'm guessing a player reported me because I have the CE Wings I and my Unarmed is around 960. It also said I was Ban evading. I recently had my Minecraft account hacked and the name for that account was Nootifications_ I used another account (my current one) to replace the hacked account. This might be a reason for why I was banned.
Overall I was banned for many false reasons. If you could do something about these hackusations that would be amazing. Thank you for reading this and have a great rest of your day! - NewtifyMeh (IGN NAME)
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