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By Sooper_ aSR.MOD - Posted Jan 28, 18

Hello Performium Players!

We have recently worked on some further forums additions.

More Server Forums:

New Subforums: We have added a few subforums to the previously existing forums. Subforums for each SMP, Skyblock, Factions, and Roleplay server now exist!

Armies and Roleplay Forums: We've added onto the list of server specific forums to post on, now to include our Armies and Roleplay communities. Each of these forums pertain to their respective server, so feel free to post away!

Reports System:

We have modified our way of handling reports to be a more discreet and private process. 

Hacking Reports: This forum should only be used to post reports of players you believe are hacking. Video evidence must be included or the report is invalid.

Chat / Skin / Name Reports: This forum should only be used to report chat offenses, or inappropriate names and/or skins. Some form of evidence must be included in the report.

Other Reports: This forum is for any other reports you may want to submit. Please be sure to include some form of evidence.

We have modified the thread list to only allow you to see reports created by you in order for you to keep up with the status of your report.

Please report any bugs or glitches so we can look into them ASAP!

As always, more to come!

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