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By Sooper_ aWEB-MGRSR.MODo - Posted Jan 13, 18

Hello Performium Players,

Recently we've done some small work on our forums. Here are some topics pertaining to that.

Website Theme: We have updated our website theme to a brand new sleek, modern design. Any bugs are asked to be reported in their appropriate forum!

Forums Tab Menu

We have redone our forums tab menu to look a little better and be slightly more user-friendly. Here is a rundown of some of the tabs.

Home, Forums, Donate: These tabs are fairly self explanatory. The Home tab will take you to the page you are reading this announcement from. The Forums tab will lead you to our Forums, and the Donate tab will lead you to our BuyCraft Donation Site. 

Help: The Help tab is very efficient in leading you to many places that our website is primarily used for. Under the Help tab you can find submenus that will lead you to Support Tickets, Applications, our FAQ, and our Ban Appeal system.

Contact: The Contact tab will have a variety of platforms you can contact staff members, support, or simply other players to talk to. Included under this tab is our TeamSpeak IP, our Discord, our Support Email, RGA's Twitter and Performium's Twitter, and our list of staff members and teams.

Vote: We have included submenus for all of the Vote Links that you may need in case you'd like to vote for the server.

That is a quick rundown of the new menu design for our website. Feedback is appreciated below!

YouTuber Applications: We are encouraging those who meet the YouTuber applicant criteria to please apply! We would love to see a greater influx of applications for the YouTuber position. Previously, we assigned the YouTuber application questions to the Staff Application. We have now made a separate form for this application that can be found under the "Help" tab, as stated above. 

New Staff: We give a warm welcome to our new staff members: DaniDmc, YukinaRose, and Coolspear, as well as a congratulations to our newly promoted staff members.

From Helper to Jr.mod we got Famii_, Jguerndt, and Gumptiouscone14

And from Jr.Mod to Mod we have RaverStars, Beastlydevotee1, and Samwis3_Gamg33

And as always, more to come!

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