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By Sooper_ aWEB-MGRSR.MODo - Posted Nov 11, 17

Hello Performium Players!

New Updates:

New Mega Creative Server: We have recently released a brand new "Mega" Creative Server. This server can be found on the top of the server selector. This server has been installed with 1.12, therefore, this will differ from normal Creative as there is new blocks available for use. This server is still in beta testing, so please be patient with any bugs or issues you may come across.

Brand New FAQ: We have recently updated our FAQ to be its own separate forums page, and can be found at the "FAQ" tab on the top of the website. This FAQ has Server, Ban Appeal, Applications, Support, Forums, and Discord/TeamSpeak FAQs. Currently it is still somewhat under development and may include minor bugs or typos. 

BuyCraft Website: RGA has updated the BuyCraft site to a brand new theme. The BuyCraft site is newly formatted and has a new look as well.

New Subforums: We recently added two new subforums under the Community section to be explored.

     - Relevant Links: This subforum will include many relevant links such as the correct ban appeal format, a link to donator items and perks, rules, etc. This subforum may be updated with more relevant links in the future.

    - Art and Drawings: This subforum allows you to post any art you may want to share. This art can range from simple drawings to graphic designs, Minecraft related or not. Don't shy away from sharing your art!

And as always, more to come!

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