More News and Updates!

By Sooper_ aWEB-MGRSR.MODo - Posted Nov 1, 17

Hello Performium Players!


FULL Ban List Reset: We have recently completely reset our ban list (aside from those permanently IP banned). If you were actively banned (before November 1st) for the following you should be unbanned: KillAura/Other PVP Hacking, Fly/Speed Hacking, XRAYing, Griefing, Exploiting/Glitching, Advertising, Staff Impersonation/Disrespect, Manual Tempbans, RPP, Manual RPP, or Manual Perm Ban. If you are not unbanned, please submit a Ban Appeal and your situation will be looked into. If you have noticed your ban appeal has been deleted, please note this is the reason why. 

New Ban Reasons: Recently we have added some new ban reasons that provide a more in depth reason for your ban (ie: AutoClicker instead of "PVP Hacking"). Please note your reason and add the reason in your appeal, that way we can look into your situation easily. 

New Crate Key Minigame: We have completely changed the way crate keys are used and function. We have turned crate keys into a "minigame" in which you attempt to match two prizes in order to receive said prize. A specific number of lives is granted to you which restricts you from infinite attempts. Obtain some crate keys and try out this new fun game for yourself!


Spawners for Purchase: We will be completely changing the way you purchase spawners from our shops. We are currently developing a system in which a "Mob Spawner Crate Key" is purchased. This key will be buyable in order to use at a crate and receive a random mob spawner. There is still lots of attention and detail that will go into this process, and is subject to change by its final release. 

As always, more to come!

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