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By Sooper_ aWEB-MGRSR.MODo - Posted Oct 26, 17

New Changes:

New Hub: We've recently released a brand new Hub map on all of our Hub servers. This map is Avatar themed, and has many exciting features to be explored. Our Build Team worked hard in implementing new parkour, secret areas, hidden elytras, and much more for you to explore! The daily spinner can be found at the green beacon near spawn. The new Hub also includes a brand new PvP arena with two secret weapons that can be found to defeat the biggest of foes.

1.12.2 Support: We are very sorry for the connectivity issues that some of our players were experiencing who were running 1.12.2. We have now updated our servers to support this version to appeal to all of our playerbase. Thanks for your patience, and have fun!

Halloween Sale: Our Halloween sale is now active until the end of the month, October 31st, 2017. All store items are now 30% off!

Note: We always appreciate feedback and general commentary on our new changes and server releases or tweaks. We encourage all players to submit any feedback or issues you may have with these on the forums as we are always looking to improve.

Upcoming Changes:

New Server Releases: Currently we have a few brand new servers in the works that we will have more news to provide in coming time. We cannot provide much information on these servers, but expect new playing grounds coming soon!

More Minigames: We plan to add more new minigames for you to enjoy, and always look for ideas in our Server Suggestions/Minigame Ideas subforum. If you have an original idea feel free to submit a thread under that section. We will look forward to seeing some creative ideas!

Creative Server: We are very close to finally releasing our new Creative Server. We are working on some final details and fixes before we release the server. The new server will be 1.12 compatible, and have many new things for players to experiment with and use. Thank you for your patience.

Minor Server Maintenance: We always do our best to make playing on Performium an enjoyable and smooth experience for all of our players. Expect small server maintenances or tweaks in the future to reduce lag and improve server performance as a whole. We're dedicated to ensuring a fun environment for everyone to play in, and appreciate your understanding as we do this.

Frequent Announcements: After noticing there is a minor lack of communication to the playerbase about new and upcoming features, as well as maintenance and updates in general, we will be increasing frequency of server announcements and forums updates. Refer to the homepage for these announcements.

And as always, more to come! 

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