I think most of the sky block players who care about their stats know its kind of a pain to need to do /bal, /is level, and such every time we want to see them, I think there should be a scoreboards sign with the server ip, island level, and a new island bank system where all the members can add or take from the balance for a quick emergency buy or something and would constantly show our stats making it much easier to know what to do and as there is a thread on it, remove the top bar telling us the ip at all times as it may confuse players on servers with a ct system such as factions and armies, so we know every time there is a bar at the top we immediately know something happend and someone is near instead of seeing the ip link every time and false alarming a panic. This would also help promote the server on youtube videos and not annoy the players much having to see the ip so often at the top and somewhere which it would fit well.