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Hello fellow old armies players, the new armies players and the people I shall focus specifically on convincing today the moderators.
I would like to request that the moderators keep their new resource filled server that we shall no longer call armies but factions-smp as you now call it and they also create this beautiful dirt land with 46 layers of dirt (I think that's what it was) no mcmmo, no nether, no end, no diamond generator or other generators at all, no plugins (except maybe 1 home per player no matter what's your rank) , definitely no crates at all, an infinite border and most importantly very limited resource. This would be beautiful to me just like the original armies was and the only people with specific resources would be the different armies. You can give us a spawn made of bedrock like the original and just a few blocks where you couldn't be killed, one oak sapling (each type if you really want), one grass block to start it all and best of all the originality of the first server. This new server will be called armies and the other server factions-smp. The thing all players would want to be is the best army player and without all these plugins that ruin the point and the end or nether the server the server wouldn't thrive with new players.In all honesty this would please me very much and I'm sure it would please many of the older payers also and if new payers see that no one is ever super over powered which deterred other players to the original server once updated they may also join to try to become the best player in the new armies. Also remember that if we create this new server the mods can keep their new factions-smp server and those wanting the old armies back can just play that instead. Soo

So please moderators and developers give us this option to play the old server I'm sure this wouldn't be hard to run at all and it could please many of your players. To see if people would actually like to give this a chance I would like you all to vote on what you think.
Bring back the old armies
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Don't bring back the old armies
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Number of voters: 3
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JGuerndt MOD
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There is already a thread created for this. Please transfer your suggestions there.
Posted Mar 12, 18 · Last edited Mar 12, 18 by JGuerndt