You may (or may not) have noticed that Armies is once again live. We decided to make some changes to the current system in hopes that a new one will be both new-player friendly and will still keep the same "feel" as the old Armies.

A moment of seriousness
Right, let's be real for a moment. Old Armies has an old and loyal follower base. I get that; I really do. The problem is that follower base is about 20 people and we simply can't run a server off of only a few people, as much as we might want to. The purpose of the remake is to try and make Armies more palatable to a wider audience. In doing so I've absolutely tried my best to keep an original vanilla-esque Armies-like feel, but some things ultimately changed. These changes, I hope, are for the better.

I know that nobody likes change. It may not be the Armies that everyone remembers, but it's damned close and honestly is a lot more fun. Give the new systems a try for a few days- you might actually enjoy them! Add the new /party system into the mix and you've got a smaller, simpler Factions-like server that has some great potential.

Now that that's out of the way, on to the changes!

World and player reset
Yep, we've reset the entire server. No homes, no bals, no stats, and a brand new world to explore with an entirely new worldgen!

Update from 1.9 to 1.12.2
New stuff! Everyone loves new stuff :p

McMMO update
I took a few leafs out of Factions 1's book and made some pretty sweet changes to McMMO for Armies. I know it's not vanilla, but we've found that everyone genuinely prefers McMMO over vanilla combat anyway. Plus, it's something Armies had beforehand and I didn't want to change toooo much.

I mean, because why not? They're fun little adds that don't actually affect core gameplay. Cool to look at, though!

"A claims system? In Armies??"
Let me explain. Yes, this is the same claims system you're used to in the SMP servers. However we've added a huge twist to it. In Armies you can besiege anyone else on the server as long as they're online and around one of their claims. What does this mean?

Let's say Alice and Bob are neighbors. Or not, it doesn't matter. They both play Armies and they're both online. Alice waits for Bob to get near his claim and then runs the command /siege bob - once that's done both players enter a sort-of "combat mode" where only one of the two will come out a victor. And to the victor, the spoils! Bob needs to defend himself and his claim (or in some cases, claims) from Alice. Alice needs to kill Bob and/or destroy his claim and take his things. During the siege, Alice can destroy anything on Bob's claim and attack and kill Bob and anything on his claim. Similarly, Bob can attack Alice. Bob has two options; either defend himself and his claim, or flee. Once Alice dies, Bob dies, or Bob manages to escape far enough away from Alice and his claim, the siege is over and Alice no longer has access to Bob's claims. If Alice wins, she gets free reign to loot Bob's claim for a bit and Bob forfeits his inventory to Alice. If Bob wins, the siege is over and Alice may lose her inventory to Bob depending on the conditions of Bob's win. There's always a small "grace period" between sieges and deaths to give players a chance to recover.

Chunk/region regen & world border
Let's talk about world. Currently the world border is 10k blocks wide (-5k to 5k). This is entirely flexible. If we see more players on the server, we extend the border; simple as that. The current border will (hopefully) prevent overly-large worlds and thus server corruption. Nobody wants that. In keeping with this, if an area hasn't been visited in 60 days it will be automatically and irrecoverably deleted from the server entirely. Just check back every now and then :)

Drop crates
Because of the scarcity of the reources in the world we've added a drop crate system. Currently every hour two crates will drop in the "warzone" - a place around overworld's spawn area with PvP enabled, but building disabled. It's marked between the end of spawn's castle and the bedrock border. These drop crates have raw resources inside them at varying rarities. The drop rate and items will be changed as time passes. Currently we want to give everyone a small boost to help them along, and once the server is more established things will become more regular.

These are a part of Performium as a whole and are unlikely to be removed. Honestly not sure why you'd want to, anyway. They're fun! - And entirely optional. Don't like them? Don't use them ;)

That's all, folks!
Let us know in this thread what you'd like to see added or changed. Remember, we aren't going to touch very much for a while. We need to see how things progress before we do anything drastic!