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Question or Discrepancy with a Rule?

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If you have a question or discrepancy regarding a rule, please post it below. It is preferred you follow this general format, however, it is not necessary. This thread can be used to suggest new rules, edit current rules, re-word current rule descriptions, delete current rules, or anything similar as long as it pertains to the rules. We always like to hear community feedback or concerns and would like to make our established rules as clear as possible for all our players.

Rule Name: (ex: Swearing)

Rule Type: (ex: Server Rule)

Question/Discrepancy: (ex: "If someone uses a word that can be considered a swear word, but it's in a harmless context, is it still allowed?" "I think that there should be an extension to this rule", etc.)

Further Explanation/Examples (if necessary): (ex: "For example, if someone said f*** with stars instead of the actual word, is that okay?")

A Forums Team Member or a Staff Member will quote your post and answer the question or address your discrepancy. If you do not agree with the staff member's reply or decision, please do not argue with them on this thread. Feel free to PM any of the people below instead.

Rules Coordination Team

Feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns!
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I've heard conflicting information from players and mods, and the rules do not clearly outline the issue.

Rule Name: Raiding

Rule Type: SMP/Roleplay

Question/Discrepancy: The rule says "Participating in any event in the attempt to crash the server or slow its performance will result in a permanent ban from the server." However other that doesn't seem to cover taking items from unclaimed areas of the server. Is taking items from unclaimed chests considered 'Raiding'?

Edit: Death chests are not included in this question though since they are covered in the griefing rule.
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Thank you for the question! The "raiding" topic in the rules is in reference to players (often many, including bots) that would come onto the server in an attempt to congest the server network or perform other malicious acts. "Raiding" in the sense of taking items that do not belong to you (term often associated with factions), is allowed on SMP/Roleplay servers if the land is unclaimed. Please verify that all of the immediate surrounding area, including all parts of the build are unclaimed as the owner may have not had enough blocks to claim all of it. Taking items from a claim you are trusted to without the claim owners permission would count as griefing.
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