Syncing your Minecraft character with Enjin will make your forums profile image your Minecraft skin, as well as include your avatar in your forums posts. This process is not Performium-based whatsoever, and any bugs you experience with this process should be directed to the Enjin Forums.

    First, click on your profile in the top right corner. (If you are not logged in or registered, refer to
this thread on steps to complete this process.)

Scroll down until you see the "Characters" container on the right hand side. It should look like this:

Spoiler: ExampleShow

Next, click on "Add a character". If you do not already have a character synced through Enjin, this should then load a page that looks like this:

Spoiler: ExampleShow

Simply click on "Add Character", and a pop-up screen should appear like so:

Spoiler: ExampleShow

After that, just follow the instructions provided, enter the code, and you're done!