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Lost kits: daily, weekly, monthly

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I got on rp today, got myself my all /kit daily, /kit weekly, /kit monthly. and thought will open crates later. Went off pc for awhile while left mc open being afk. When got back, noticed that i don't have any of the keys or stuff you get from weekly kit. Checked out if i didn't put those somewhere, but nothing. Then relogged into rp and appeared in same place i've been like 10mins ago. Food not eaten, other items in inv in old places. Tried doing kits again. nope. wait another 23hours and mins, wait another week, wait another month. Looks if i've done these but they're gone. What's up with that?
Decided to check other servers if same happened. Same in skyblock. Smp1 is even down now.
I can deal with lost items or such, but waiting another month for another spawner key? Because of some short reroll or mistake? With all that i lost at least 1k points with which i mostly get claim to make stuff. I'm really confused with what's happening.
Posted Feb 12, 18 · OP
JGuerndt MOD
Level 2
Anything adverse experienced recently should be resolved shortly. Thank you for your report and patience throughout this process.
Posted Feb 12, 18