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Towny Meltdown? Towns Deleted? :(

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The Towny Roleplay server has been shutdown since Friday, I am starting to get worried about my town.
After the Towny Server had a complete meltdown (I wasn't on when it Happened), someone told me on discord that the towny plugin got deleted completely. This is a really scary thing because I 100% believe it's true because on normal Roleplay like in May 2017 also had a meltdown where claims were deleted.
I have been losing lots of sleep thinking about what happened to the town 'Fahr' that I've spent countless hours and day over the span of months working on since August. If it was deleted 360+ people would be in complete danger with losing everything to griefers and raiders. (Currently a 360 resident count) (and dozens of outsider embassy plots). Fahr has over 4000 chunks claimed, in locations across the map that are outposts only accessible with /t outpost. A lot of the outposts have grinders, full beacons, a wither grinder (which I didn't set home at and depend on /t outpost 5 to access).
If it's possible before you open the server role back all towns to there last progress and claims of Friday, so people's months work isn't stolen/griefed/raided.
Thank you for your time and action
` Towny Roleplay 'Fahr Mayor NoahRyan10'
Posted Feb 12, 18 · OP
JGuerndt MOD
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The Towny Roleplay, as well as a few other servers are down for maintenance. This was planned and also announced on the main (home) page.
Posted Feb 12, 18