Hey everyone reading this, FluffyDinos is a small town largely comprising of 9 chunks with a few outposts for residents who prefer different biomes. We have a few spawners: blaze, shulker, iron golem spawners, witch, zombie, skeleton, wither skeleton, wither boss.

I pride myself on keeping the town lag friendly and will once the server is online be recording from it showing whats possible in a tiny area.

one of the most common questions I get asked is "why did you call it FluffyDino's" well... just because i'm fluffy doesn't mean i'll let you walk over me or my friends.

I'm a long standing towny player and have played it on serious roleplaying servers where each town provided a service in exchange for goods, since most towns are at a point now that money doesn't mean much to them I propose that we all work together and provide a service for other towns