Server Wide Bugs

By Sooper_ aSR.MODo - Posted Feb 24, 18

Hello Performium Players,

After reviewing the bugs that have affected or are currently affecting our server, we have compiled a list of what will be un-restorable and what will be restored. 

First, I would like to explain that any and all bugs that we are currently experiencing or that we have experienced but were fixed (within the past two weeks) all have resulted from corrupt files. Essentially, we experienced some major backend issues in the process of pushing new internal updates to our servers. Please note that any and all issues were not a result of our Cosmetics Update. We are very sorry and wished we could have avoided these issues by any means possible.

I am sorry to say the following items, if lost, are physically impossible to restore:

  • Balances that were reset (/bal) on any server
  • Homes that were lost (/homes) on any server
  • Claims that were lost (/claimlist) on any server *
  • Factions that were disbanded on Factions 2
  • ClaimBlocks that were lost on any server

* Any claims lost on any server that were griefed are a case-by-case situation and can be reported via Support Tickets at . Please include plot coordinates so we can look into possible roll backs for those who were affected.

All /points balances are safe in backups as of right now. We will not be pushing those backups to the servers as of right now due to bugs we are still looking into with our /points system. Points will be returning to the server very soon, however. Rank or purchase issues can be reported via Support Tickets as well, at . 

We would also like to note that our Moderator Team has absolutely no power to fix any bugs present. We as moderators have limited permissions when it comes to large-scale server operations or issues. For those who have been patient and respectful to us, thank you. 

As for progress updates. Our Admin Team is diligently working to expel any existing bugs still affecting the server, as well as cleaning up some dust from any maintenance or updates pushed. As always, we really appreciate your patience as we push through some server difficulties. If you have any queries or concerns feel free to make a thread or submit a Support Ticket, and we will do our best to answer your questions or help you with your issues to the full extent. 

Thanks again, and as always, more to come. 

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