Extended Factions 1 Maintenance

By Sooper_ aSR.MODo - Posted Feb 13, 18

Hello Performium Players,

I am very sorry to announce we will have to extend our planned Factions 1 maintenance by a week due to unseen circumstances with the server. As of right now, there are server-wide bugs we must prioritize fixing before we begin with our Factions 1 overhaul. We please ask that you remain patient and we really appreciate you doing so as we are doing everything we can to fix these bugs one at a time. Understand everything we do, and in the order we do it, is ultimately for the betterment of our server, community, and new players. Again, we really do apologize for the delay and we really do appreciate your understanding when it comes to situations such as the one at hand. 

Thanks so much, and as always, more to come!

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