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Sooper_ aSR.MOD posted Sat at 0:15

Hello Performium Players,

Recently we've done some small work on our forums. Here are some topics pertaining to that.

Website Theme: We have updated our website theme to a brand new sleek, modern design. Any bugs are asked to be reported in their appropriate forum!

Forums Tab Menu

We have redone our forums tab menu to look a little better and be slightly more user-friendly. Here is a rundown of some of the tabs.

Home, Forums, Donate: These tabs are fairly self explanatory. The Home tab will take you to the page you are reading this announcement from. The Forums tab will lead you to our Forums, and the Donate tab will lead you to our BuyCraft Donation Site. 

Help: The Help tab is very efficient in leading you to many places that our website is primarily used for. Under the Help tab you can find submenus that will lead you to Support Tickets, Applications, our FAQ, and our Ban Appeal system.

Contact: The Contact tab will have a variety of platforms you can contact staff members, support, or simply other players to talk to. Included under this tab is our TeamSpeak IP, our Discord, our Support Email, RGA's Twitter and Performium's Twitter, and our list of staff members and teams.

Vote: We have included submenus for all of the Vote Links that you may need in case you'd like to vote for the server.

That is a quick rundown of the new menu design for our website. Feedback is appreciated below!

YouTuber Applications: We are encouraging those who meet the YouTuber applicant criteria to please apply! We would love to see a greater influx of applications for the YouTuber position. Previously, we assigned the YouTuber application questions to the Staff Application. We have now made a separate form for this application that can be found under the "Help" tab, as stated above. 

New Staff: We give a warm welcome to our new staff members: DaniDmc, YukinaRose, and Coolspear, as well as a congratulations to our newly promoted staff members.

From Helper to Jr.mod we got Famii_, Jguerndt, and Gumptiouscone14

And from Jr.Mod to Mod we have RaverStars, Beastlydevotee1, and Samwis3_Gamg33

And as always, more to come!

JGuerndt JR.MOD SteamPunk07 - You must resubmit an application if you wish to reapply for staff.
SteamPunk07 So do I have to apply for staff again or will my application that I sent it about 2 weeks ago be used to determine me ge...
Fr0z3nSc0utMC I really like the new design to the website it look really good and organized, and also CONGRATS! to all new staff and ...

Ban Appeals and Mega SMP

Sooper_ aSR.MOD posted Dec 3, 17

Hello Performium Players!

Ban Appeals: We have redone our Ban Appeal process and have now made it an application form which can be found at This tab is labeled "Ban Appeal" on the top of the website. All current appeals will be looked into and deleted, as well as our Ban Appeals subforum. 

Mega SMP Release: We've recently just released our Mega SMP server after beta testing the server. Please leave any feedback in the SMP Server subforum such as bugs, issues, general feedback, etc. 

A short announcement, but as always, more to come!

Wiola Hi my IGN is Wiola and I noticed something weird a few days ago when I was making my basement i found a cave and it seem...
Silentzz PatentClover32 cussed at me and called me a d word and called other people d words as well because they did a joke
Baconwolf12 someone named Ceepyplays raided my home taking all my resources and TheChives saw him to so he should get banned for tak...

News and Updates

Sooper_ aSR.MOD posted Nov 11, 17

Hello Performium Players!

New Updates:

New Mega Creative Server: We have recently released a brand new "Mega" Creative Server. This server can be found on the top of the server selector. This server has been installed with 1.12, therefore, this will differ from normal Creative as there is new blocks available for use. This server is still in beta testing, so please be patient with any bugs or issues you may come across.

Brand New FAQ: We have recently updated our FAQ to be its own separate forums page, and can be found at the "FAQ" tab on the top of the website. This FAQ has Server, Ban Appeal, Applications, Support, Forums, and Discord/TeamSpeak FAQs. Currently it is still somewhat under development and may include minor bugs or typos. 

BuyCraft Website: RGA has updated the BuyCraft site to a brand new theme. The BuyCraft site is newly formatted and has a new look as well.

New Subforums: We recently added two new subforums under the Community section to be explored.

     - Relevant Links: This subforum will include many relevant links such as the correct ban appeal format, a link to donator items and perks, rules, etc. This subforum may be updated with more relevant links in the future.

    - Art and Drawings: This subforum allows you to post any art you may want to share. This art can range from simple drawings to graphic designs, Minecraft related or not. Don't shy away from sharing your art!

And as always, more to come!

stevomo Thanks sooper! i think your sooper!
JakubdotPLGB Nice skin

More News and Updates!

Sooper_ aSR.MOD posted Nov 1, 17

Hello Performium Players!


FULL Ban List Reset: We have recently completely reset our ban list (aside from those permanently IP banned). If you were actively banned (before November 1st) for the following you should be unbanned: KillAura/Other PVP Hacking, Fly/Speed Hacking, XRAYing, Griefing, Exploiting/Glitching, Advertising, Staff Impersonation/Disrespect, Manual Tempbans, RPP, Manual RPP, or Manual Perm Ban. If you are not unbanned, please submit a Ban Appeal and your situation will be looked into. If you have noticed your ban appeal has been deleted, please note this is the reason why. 

New Ban Reasons: Recently we have added some new ban reasons that provide a more in depth reason for your ban (ie: AutoClicker instead of "PVP Hacking"). Please note your reason and add the reason in your appeal, that way we can look into your situation easily. 

New Crate Key Minigame: We have completely changed the way crate keys are used and function. We have turned crate keys into a "minigame" in which you attempt to match two prizes in order to receive said prize. A specific number of lives is granted to you which restricts you from infinite attempts. Obtain some crate keys and try out this new fun game for yourself!


Spawners for Purchase: We will be completely changing the way you purchase spawners from our shops. We are currently developing a system in which a "Mob Spawner Crate Key" is purchased. This key will be buyable in order to use at a crate and receive a random mob spawner. There is still lots of attention and detail that will go into this process, and is subject to change by its final release. 

As always, more to come!

News, Updates, and More!

Sooper_ aSR.MOD posted Oct 26, 17

New Changes:

New Hub: We've recently released a brand new Hub map on all of our Hub servers. This map is Avatar themed, and has many exciting features to be explored. Our Build Team worked hard in implementing new parkour, secret areas, hidden elytras, and much more for you to explore! The daily spinner can be found at the green beacon near spawn. The new Hub also includes a brand new PvP arena with two secret weapons that can be found to defeat the biggest of foes.

1.12.2 Support: We are very sorry for the connectivity issues that some of our players were experiencing who were running 1.12.2. We have now updated our servers to support this version to appeal to all of our playerbase. Thanks for your patience, and have fun!

Halloween Sale: Our Halloween sale is now active until the end of the month, October 31st, 2017. All store items are now 30% off!

Note: We always appreciate feedback and general commentary on our new changes and server releases or tweaks. We encourage all players to submit any feedback or issues you may have with these on the forums as we are always looking to improve.

Upcoming Changes:

New Server Releases: Currently we have a few brand new servers in the works that we will have more news to provide in coming time. We cannot provide much information on these servers, but expect new playing grounds coming soon!

More Minigames: We plan to add more new minigames for you to enjoy, and always look for ideas in our Server Suggestions/Minigame Ideas subforum. If you have an original idea feel free to submit a thread under that section. We will look forward to seeing some creative ideas!

Creative Server: We are very close to finally releasing our new Creative Server. We are working on some final details and fixes before we release the server. The new server will be 1.12 compatible, and have many new things for players to experiment with and use. Thank you for your patience.

Minor Server Maintenance: We always do our best to make playing on Performium an enjoyable and smooth experience for all of our players. Expect small server maintenances or tweaks in the future to reduce lag and improve server performance as a whole. We're dedicated to ensuring a fun environment for everyone to play in, and appreciate your understanding as we do this.

Frequent Announcements: After noticing there is a minor lack of communication to the playerbase about new and upcoming features, as well as maintenance and updates in general, we will be increasing frequency of server announcements and forums updates. Refer to the homepage for these announcements.

And as always, more to come! 

Technonerd12 Was the voting system changed at all? It doesn't give me the points when i vote in the hub
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