so a player is giving everyone custom prefixes that they don't want. the mods refused to help and that makes sense and i understand why their not going to help.

so all i'm gonna ask for players to do is if they got a custom prefix they didn't pay for tel me your in game name and when you got the prefix. (don't tell me about it if you got it before the beginning of the month of after Friday the 13th of this month).

so when this post gets locked (i know it will) wright in a book and quill on megasmp i will be there at 6:00 pm to take all the books.

the books should look like this
page 1 (in game name)
page 2 (on what day did it happen approximately)
page 3 (do you know who did it all i want on this page is yes or no)
page 4 (what server do you usually play)
i will be in spawn and if you don't play megasmp to get a book and quill type /buy book_and_quill

the reason i want this information is to do an investigation on my own.

also if this forums post is not locked or removed please put your response in this post